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Resident Files Complaint Against Woodstock School District 200 Fund Transfer

Joe Tirio - Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Woodstock Resident files a complaint against D200 for improper notice and questions basis of interfund transfer.


Read the complete story at the Woodstock Independent:

D200 Revisits Superintendent Contract and Pay Increase

Joe Tirio - Tuesday, June 21, 2016

On May 10th, Woodstock's D200 School Board passed a resolution to provide Superintendent Moan a 7% increase and to extend his contract (which had about a year left in it). It is my belief that the agenda was inadequate and I have filed a Request for Review with the Attorney General's office for this and the stated public comment requirement on the agenda "There will be a sign-up sheet for the public to identify their name, address, phone number, name of the organization you represent (if any) and a brief description of the topic to be addressed" which is in violation of an existing Attorney General's binding opinion . This last item (requiring address etc. in order to speak) has been brought to the board's attention previously.


The agenda for tonight's meeting includes a revisit to Mr Moan's contract.


When I saw this, I launched a poll asking the respondents the following...


  • - Should Mike Moan receive a 7% raise? (Yes or No)
  • - What kind of pay adjustment should he receive? ( 5% increase,  3% increase,  Zero increase,  3% DECREASE,  5% DECREASE,  Other)
  • - Your zip code (free text)
  • - Add your comments here (free text)





The vast majority of the respondents say that he should either receive no increase or receive a decrease. The most compelling part is the comment section.


I sent an email to all the board members and provided them with summary and raw data and have attached the same below.


We are asking residents and members of the public to attend the School board meeting and voice your opinions on the matters at hand.



Tuesday, June 21, 7:00 PM


Clay Academy


112 Grove St, Woodstock, IL 60098




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Tax Day Protest Gets Noticed!

Joe Tirio - Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Monday, I joined many fellow McHenry County citizens and Voters In Action volunteers in a protest about our taxes. A friend, Dan Aylward paid his entirely in dollar bills. I am proud to be among such great people that they would take their time to come out and show that they are not afraid to get involved.


I am saddened that we needed to.


Read more at the Northwest Herald.

Woodstock Home Rule Policy: An interesting position by city government

Joe Tirio - Sunday, June 12, 2016

On June 7th, the Woodstock City Council voted to pass a policy that would take affect if/when the city achieves Home Rule status. This proposed policy was vastly different from the one proposed by Voters in Action, and unanimously supported by the citizens we discussed it with.


They did not, however, waste the opportunity to call Voters In Action, among other things, disingenuous, reckless and inflammatory.


Here is what was initially proposed (loosely based on policy adopted by Downers Grove) taken from the flyer:

Prior to the adoption of any ordinance imposing or increasing a home rule tax, fee or debt on any person or property in the City (not including property tax extensions),

The Council must publish for general circulation a statement about the proposed tax, as well as, an explanation of how the revenue will be used.

Seven to ten days later, the Council is to conduct a public meeting regarding the proposed ordinance.

The Council will not vote on the ordinance for at least two City Council meetings, allowing citizens enough time to submit a petition opposing the ordinance (the petition must contain 15% of the voters from the last Mayoral election).

If an opposing petition is submitted, the City Council will hold an advisory referendum and if a majority of those that voted on the referendum oppose the tax ordinance, the Council will not adopt such ordinance.



Let's Clarify a few things:


1. This fight wasn't against Home Rule per se, it was to provide an opportunity to allow residents a voice in matters of creating or increasing taxes, debt or fees, when home rule is achieved by way of population.


2. A member of the group met with the Mayor and shared our intentions and timeline. Much of this was even posted in local newspapers.


3. The castrated proposal they voted on eliminated the key elements of resident control, petition and referenda.



4. They said that referenda are expensive and inefficient and said they have concerns about emergencies that may arise. Those things could have been accounted for in the policy, but weren't.

5. Despite the fact that many of the council members cited the fact that voters put them in office and that voters approved the 1970 constitution that codifies Home Rule, they do not want the voters to have a voice in matters that will affect our financial well-being.



6. If the city does not achieve Home Rule status by way of the special census, any losses in revenue or opportunity lie squarely at the feet of the Council. They had the opportunity to pass a policy that supported the residents of this town and chose not to.


I am disappointed, but unsurprised and not the least bit dissuaded to continue to fight for my community.





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WHS Turf: We Won!

Joe Tirio - Thursday, July 09, 2015

The vote was last night and the boar voted the bids down unanimously!


Thanks to all of you who volunteered and especially those that came tot he meeting and ESPECIALLY those that spoke at the meeting!


Now, let's see if the renaissance committee will do something more acceptable to the community with the pledges they have raised.


We can do great things when we work togehter!

WHS Turf: Moving the ball forward

Joe Tirio - Thursday, July 02, 2015

Hey Team,


Great day today. Thanks again for all you are doing to get the word out. Getting reports of seeing the flyers in people's windows and more people excited about coming to the meeting to speak.


Keep it up! The goal line is in sight!

WHS Turf: We're off to a great start

Joe Tirio - Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Hello Fellow Voters!


Thank you all for your tireless work! Special thanks to those of you knocking on doors and talking to people on the square yesterday and today!


The key is just to get people informed. So many were unaware. Most seem thankful for the information. Remember to be thoughtful of those that are for the turf. Invite them to visit the site and review both sides of the argument. 


We've aded three new articles to the list of resources (see below).


Thanks again for all your hard work. We're in the ninth inning, but I think its a game we can all win.





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Welcome Post

Joe Tirio - Monday, September 15, 2014


We're a group of local citizens concerned about our community and hoping to make a difference by:

  • increasing awareness of critical public policy
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