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Stop the randall road robbery

Stop the Randall Road Robbery

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The full board votes on the proposal Tuesday, September 16th. The meeting begins at 7:00 PM.


Today (Sept 3rd), the Transportation Committee voted to pass the resolution despite not having the complete cost of the project (somewhere between 66 and 101 Million dollars) and some OBVIOUS transparency issues. Tip of the hat to Nick Provenzano and Diane Evertsen who moved and seconded a motion to delay the vote two weeks to give the committee, the full board and the public an opportunity to view the presentation.


The motion was struck down by Nick Chirikos, Paula Yensen and Anna Mae Miller. These three could not support their decision other than to say that the presentation will be posted and then people can read it (after the vote has passed).


Here's what you can do:

1. Do your homework. Read the documents below and share your thoughts. Contact your board members ASAP. Use the link below to get their contact information.

2. Get your friends and neighbors involved.

3. Watch here and other resources on the web. Stay informed.

3. Attend the meeting (see details below).


County Board Meeting

Public Meeting

9/16/2014, 7:00 PM

County Board Conference Room

Administration Building

667 Ware Rd

Woodstock, IL 60098


List of Board Members and their contact information


Next Stop, full board meeting Sept 16th.

Reach out and touch your elected representatives

Your county board is only as effective as the information they have to work with. Attend the board meetings and let them know how you feel about the issues that face the residents of McHenry County. Below you will find a link to the County Board page and the member's phone and email addresses:

List of Board Members and their contact information


Transportation Committee Members

You might want to consider reaching out to the Tranportation Committee specifically. Below you will find the names, phone numbers and email addresses of the Transportaion Committee.


If you use an email program like Outlook, Apple Mail or Thunderbird, clicking on the email address will create a formatted email for you. If you use webmail like MSN, Yahoo or AOL, just copy the email address and paste it into the TO address for the email.


Nick Chirikos    847-658-3434

Paula Yensen    815-404-3918

Sandy Salgado    815-276-2317

Ken Koehler    815-459-7841

Anna May Miller    847-639-5112

Diane Evertsen    815-943-3298

Nick Provenzano    815-355-8540

Did you know the County is planning to 'fix' the Randall/Algonquin intersection?

It’s true.  The plan calls for $13 million to put in a “Continuous Flow Intersection.” This is not only a BAD fix for the problem (the only thing that will continuously flow is businesses, out of business and out of the County), it’s also outrageously expensive.  The other CFIs that have been built in this country only cost around $5 million.

But that’s the tail wagging the dog!

Did you know the County is also planning to spend upwards of $120 million to “fix” 3½ miles of Randall Road?

They keep talking about the Randall/Algonquin intersection, but they have a second project hidden behind the intersection improvement, a much larger and more expensive project that is a complete waste of money.


Combined, these projects will cost more than $1,200 for every family in the County!


The County is losing population because taxes are so high.  It’s time the County Board showed some concern for the taxpayers.

If you care about your taxes, contact the County Board today!



Thanks to the citizens and leaders involved in this effort

Stop the Randall Road Robbery co-chairs: Paul Serwatka and Joe Tirio


District Chairs:

District 1: Andrew Gasser & Tom Wilbeck

District 2: Donna Kurtz & Jeffrey Thorsen & Larry Emery

District 3: Michael Walkup & Chris Christensen

District 4: Chuck Wheeler

District 5: Steve Harlfinger

District 6: Diane Evertsen

Updates and Comments

Aug 20: - CFI Pot Bubbling

Coverage of the McHenry County Transporatiion Committee meeting today and comments related to the Randall Rd project



Aug 18: - Self-Styled Citizens' Group Emerges Against Randall Improvements

The editor notes that he removed my (Joe Tirio's) comments which in his words "two thirds of which was a recap of his message, which was longer than the story".


Here are my comments as they were originally posted:

Just to be clear, the lack of personal identities being mentioned on the site wasn't an effort to hide who we were as individuals. We wanted to keep the focus on the issues, rather than the people involved.

The domain registrar I used ( doesn't 'specialize in blind Internet registrations. It, like all other registrars, offers either public or private registrations. Private registrations significantly reduce spam emails and junk postal mail. I have used the company since the late 90's and have always chosen the private option, regardless of the nature of the site.


Having said all that, thanks for the coverage of our appearance at the fest and of the issue. While your caption of the picture might have been accurate for that picture, I can tell you that the fest was an unquestionable success. In fact, the fest exceeded our expectations to the extent that we ran out of some of the materials. I was manning the tent for about 2 hours and I know I spoke to more than 50 people and at times, there were people essentially waiting in line to learn more about what we were doing.  When we shared with them that we were ranked 29th highest of 3,114 counties in the country in terms of property tax paid on owner occupied housing, most were gobsmacked. When they learned that there was a multi-million dollar project in discussion that (in my opinion) is over priced and over-engineered, at that point, you could see they got the message.


Once it was enough to simply be a law-abiding citizen, then perhaps it was enough to vote. Today, every citizen needs to make their voices heard on issues that are important to them. They need to be educated on how the governmental processes work and how to contribute to the conversation. is a site started by my Wife, Karen and I to address the greater issue of citizen involvement. The "Randall Road Robbery" was the first project that she, I and Paul Serwatka of Crystal Lake decided to take action on. I'm happy to report that engagement on the site has been far greater than we had expected and grows daily.


Regardless of what side you sit on in relation to this project, we encourage the citizenry to get involved and look forward to their participation.




Join your fellow McHenry County Citizens to stop this wasteful spending.


We're a group of local citizens concerned about our community and hoping to make a difference by:

  • increasing awareness of critical public policy
  • creating ways to make it easier for the public to become involved
  • shining a light on waste, corruption and the thoughtless spending of our tax dollars



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