The Outcome (as of 6/13/16)

On June 7, the Woodstock City Council passed a neutered Home Rule policy  (starting on page 90) that allows for no resident control for taxes fees or debt, unlike the policy we proposed. It does impose some limits on property tax levies and debt, and for that, we are thankful.


The dialog was often heated and our organization was reviled by the council and Mayor for our use of "inflammatory" language in our flyer. We were called "disingenuous" for talking to fellow citizens about our concerns for Home Rule and the special census after we had spoken twice to the Mayor and explained what we we going to do.


Despite what ever spin they may want to put on it, one thing is made clear by their actions, they don't want you to have control over taxes, fees and debt. We don't know why, yet, but time will tell I'm sure.


Full video of the meeting, expand the description for links to jump to the related sections of the video.

Striking a balance between

control in Springfield,

control in City Hall and resident control.

The Situation

It has been announced that the City will be doing a special census in the hopes that our populatipn has grown beyond 25,000. This will enable Home Rule powers for our City Council

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